Ronni Grapenthin - Tools
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University of Alaska Fairbanks
Geophysical Institute
2156 Koyukuk Drive
Fairbanks, AK-99775 - Auto--document for (shell) scripts with special comments

A couple years ago I was looking for a tool that would allow to keep the documentation and source of shell scripts in one file. Tools like this are common for many high level languages (javadoc for Java, doxygen for C/C++, etc.). After having invested a lot of time in web-searches I found that nothing existed so I wrote It's a Perl script that parses files in certain directories for special comments. It creates an HTML index file that lists all documented files and a brief description of the code (if given in source). It also creates one HTML detail page for each documented script which contains the full documentation given in the source. It's certainly not super fancy, but fulfills my needs. Improvements are welcome!

Sample output | Download: sh2doc.tar.gz | github:

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