Roon Grapenthin

twitter: @rngrp
University of California
Berkeley Seismological Laboratory

209 McCone Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-4760


2014-01-12: Co-authored a paper on plume height forecasting w/ GPS published in Nature Geoscience: Volcanic plume height correlated with magma-pressure change at GrÝmsv÷tn Volcano, Iceland (Nature News article)
2013-10-29: I'll be at AGU this December. Presentations I am involved in:
  • V43D-08 - Detecting deep crustal magma movement: Exploring linkages between increased gas emission, deep seismicity, and deformation (oral, invited, co-author), Thursday, 3:25 PM, 308 (Moscone South)
  • G53B-0921 - G-larmS: Integrating Real-Time GPS into Earthquake Early Warning (poster, main author), Friday, Hall A-C (Moscone South).
2013-08-27: New paper published in Computers & Geosciences: CrusDe: A plug-in based simulation framework for composable Crustal Deformation studies using Green's functions


Post-doc at the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, UC Berkeley, where I work on GPS and Earthquake Early Warning problems.

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